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ProSolution go! - software solution for time & attendance tracking
Manage Time & Attendances from web, mobile or terminals and provide a self-service portal within minutes!

Developed for Web and Mobile

Fast Deployment

Start withing minutes on Web and Mobile devices

Work Anywhere

ProSolution go! time attendance tracking software available from web, smartphone, terminals or also even combined.

For All Companies

No matter your company type or size, ProSolution go! can be adapted to fit your needs

Easy way to record and check times

Self-Service Portal

For your Employees and Customers

Time & Attendance Software


ProSolution go! is a webbased time & attendance tracking software including absence management, the perfect solution to manage work time of your employees. Also provide your employees and optionally your customers their own self-service portal to control times, access documents and much, much more.

Furthermore its flexible and scalable, so it can be up and running in very short time, for companies of any size.


The dashboard is the first view an employee gets after log into go! – here they manage and navigate to the different modules:

  • News: Share news articles with your employees
  • Employer: Company info and contact person’s details
  • Employment: Personal info and data about the employment
  • Time Recording: The main module – all related to time attendances and absences is manged here
  • Absences: Manage absences and holiday request in one go!
  • Document Archive: optionally allow your employees and customers to access shared and personnel documents from the digital archive store
prosolution go web dashboard

Time Recording

prosolution go timer

The Time Recording view will allow you to get your time and absences perfectly controlled. You can start/pause your time, always keeping track of your productive time. But that by far isn’t all – you can go for a detailed view of the full month to see all working time. If you forgot to start or pause your time, don’t worry, you can edit your time within certain defined rules and time ranges. You can see your absences there easily and even file a new request for leave.

By the set of permissions and the setup of rulesets, go! can be adapted and configured to every company’s needs.

If you prefer to provide a terminal device for time clocking, then we have terminals that support LAN and 3G connectivity. The terminals you can buy or rent in an all-inclusive package containing the SIM card and data volume.

prosolution go web times view

Supported smartphones

Besides all common web browsers, ProSolution go! is available as a native app for the following mobile systems:

  • Android 4.0+
  • iOS 8.0+
  • BlackBerry Os 10.2.1+


Thanks to the highest security standards in our DataCenter your data is secure. Data on mobile devices are not stored locally. Compliance documents to GPDR are available.